Bitcoin Now Accepted in Scirra Store!

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  • 21 Oct, 2013
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We're very excited to announce that we now accept Bitcoin in our store!

The new checkout on

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online currency. All the Bitcoins in existence are worth over $1.5 billion USD, it's becoming far more well known and popular! Here's a short explainer video that goes into a bit more depth about what Bitcoin is, how it works and what its advantages are:

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Why are you now accepting Bitcoin?

We're passionate technology enthusiasts and want to support this new technology as we're excited and interested to see where it can go.

We also beleive this potentialy revolutionary idea has the potential to have positive widespread impact in the financial sector who have been charging everyone too much for too long. Even if Bitcoin entirely fails one day, it can still level the playing field a little more, and make everything a bit more competitive.

How are you taking payments with Bitcoin?

We're currently using Coinbase's payment API to accept Bitcoin payments, a San Francisco based startup who've received nearly $7m USD in funding.

I hate Bitcoin! They suck!

No problem, we still offer credit and debit card payments with Stripe, and if you can't use this and don't have any Bitcoins you can still use Paypal.

Merchants with revenue share

We pin the Bitcoin price of items in the store on GBP (our home currency). If a sale is processed in Bitcoin, you will be credited with your revenue share in your GBP balance. This share is calculated as the advertised GBP sale price * your revenue share.

What do you think about Bitcoin?

Do you own any? Ever spent any? Do you think they are a good idea or a bad idea? Let us know in the comments!


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