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Construct 2 support for Wii U now available



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Scirra are pleased to announce availability of the Wii U system plugin for Construct 2 to Nintendo Authorised Developers. Support is available since Construct 2 release r159 (https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r159), which was released last week. The plugin allows Construct 2 games to be exported and run on Wii U via the Nintendo Web Framework, while also integrating with Wii U specific features such as the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote controllers. Developing for consoles has never been easier!

Construct 2 developers can apply to become Nintendo Authorised Developers at https://wiiu-developers.nintendo.com/signup/. After becoming authorised, instructions for obtaining Wii U plugin and further documentation are available on the Wii U developer's forum. The plugin will continue to be developed, adding new features and fixing any issues that are found, and further updates will be released there. Note that the Construct 2 download itself does not contain any Wii U functionality, which is instead provided through the Wii U plugin alone.

This is the first time Construct 2 developers have a direct path to publishing on a major console, and we look forward to seeing how our developers’ imaginative games make creative use of the exciting and flexible capabilities of Wii U features; such as the accelerometer and gyroscope-enabled controllers and five-way local multiplayer. The Wii U plugin is also available at no extra cost to Construct 2 license holders. Register with Nintendo if you haven't already and start making games for Wii U!

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