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Construct 3 now supported in all major browsers



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Construct Team Founder

We're pleased to announce that Construct 3 is now supported in Chrome 57+, Firefox 55+, Safari 11+, and most recently Edge 16+ (now shipping with the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update — check Windows Update to get it!). Our support for Chrome also covers other Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Yandex. This means Construct 3 is now supported in all major browsers! We also recently added support for iOS 11+, which means Construct 3 now also runs on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS. This represents our vision of Construct 3 being available everywhere, on all browsers and platforms, coming to fruition.

More Construct 3 progress

This is a good time to take a look back over the past few months and see what else we've added since the public beta launched in late March. Here's a quick summary of the more significant improvements:

  • We published the Construct 3 manual, a comprehensive reference of all features in Construct 3.
  • We opened a new Tutorials section, which includes the new Beginner's guide to Construct 3, a new tutorial on Building Android apps (APKs) in Construct 3, and more.
  • We launched our own mobile app build service. This can also be used to build projects exported from Construct 2.
  • iOS 11 also now supports Remote Preview, making it quick and easy to test your games on mobile.
  • We wrote a new in-house IAP plugin that is integrated with our build service.
  • Construct 3 now has both a dark theme and a new light theme which can be selected in Settings.
  • We added a new GPU profiling feature, so you can see the percentage usage of the GPU and better identify what needs optimising in your game.
  • We added a French language setting for the editor and started translation for Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish and German.
  • Construct 3 (and Construct 2 as well) can now publish Xbox One games on the Xbox Live Creators Program
  • The invaluable Find All References feature was expanded to cover animations, layers, event groups, and functions, including a new Go to function shortcut
  • Educational institutions can now use access codes to get students up and running quickly, without even needing an account.
  • Construct 3's audio encoder and decoder are now compiled with WebAssembly to make them smaller and faster. This helps us use one audio format everywhere.
  • The Addon SDK now supports third-party plugins, behaviors, effects and UI themes.

We've made hundreds of other additions, changes and bug fixes — see the release history for the full details.

More to come

We're keen to keep up the pace of development and keep bringing you new releases with more improvements! Construct 3 is still in beta, but we're increasingly confident with its reliability and we plan on making the full launch soon.

You can get started with Construct 3 today simply by visiting editor.construct.net. You can also purchase a subscription and start using the full features of Construct 3. Upgrading from Construct 2? See a summary of what's new.

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