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Published 15 Oct, 2017
352 words
~1-2 minutes

Construct 3 has its own mobile app build service to build Android APKs and generate Xcode projects from Cordova exports. You can also use Construct 3's build service to build Construct 2 Cordova exports! This means you don't need to import your project in to Construct 3, which can be useful if there are third-party addons that are not ported to Construct 3 yet.


Follow these steps to use Construct 3 to build a mobile app exported from Construct 2.

  1. Export from Construct 2 and select the Cordova option.
  2. Proceed with the export as normal. However make sure the minimum Android version is set to 5.0+. Older versions are not supported by the build service. Also ensure that Use WKWebView on iOS is enabled.
  3. Once the export finishes, open the resulting folder. Add all the files to a zip file. You can do this on Windows by selecting all the files, right-clicking and selecting Send toCompressed (zipped) folder. Make sure the files config.json and config.xml are at the root level of the zip, and not inside a subfolder in the zip.
  4. Open the Export Manager in Construct 3, via MenuViewExport Manager.
  5. Click the Add button in the toolbar of the Export Manager and select your zip file. It should add it to the list in the Export Manager, with the Exporter listed as C2.
  6. Select the row in the Export Manager with the C2 project, and click the Build button in the toolbar.
  7. Follow the steps to build the project with Construct 3's mobile app build service.
  8. Once the build completes, you can download the resulting files from the Build finished dialog.

Next steps

For more information about testing and releasing Android APKs, see the sections Testing a debug APK and Signing a release APK in the tutorial Building Android apps (APKs) in Construct 3. For information about using Xcode to build and publish iOS apps, see the tutorial iOS application development and publishing with Xcode.

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