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The latest beta of Construct 3 includes a major new optimisation for the C3 runtime: it now compiles expressions to JavaScript. Th... Read more
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A couple of months ago, we celebrated Construct 3's first birthday. Now we're delighted to say we've hit 100 releases! We feel thi... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~2-3 mins read time
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Get your welcome banners out because we have a new staff member! Woohoo! If you follow the Construct 3 Github at all, you may hav... Read more
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Today marks a major milestone in the development of Construct! In the Construct 3 r95 beta release you can now try out the all-new... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~8-13 mins read time
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Introducing "Demonoire" - An RPG for Construct 3 A few Constructors have been working laboriously for months coming up with a new... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~1-2 mins read time
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So, here we are, a year to the day since we launched Construct 3 in public beta. A lot has changed since our inaugural public buil... Read more
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The new runtime has been completely rearchitectured. It's forwards-looking to the next years of the web platform. Here are some of... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~6-10 mins read time
  • 834 visits
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Our first blog post on performance focused on the runtime engine performance. Whilst upgrading our code for the new runtime, we al... Read more
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About 18 months ago, Facebook launched a new online gaming platform — Instant Games . You could play HTML5 games either with... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~1-2 mins read time
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One popular request for Construct has been to be able to use formatted text (different text styles in the same object). As part of... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~4-6 mins read time
  • 577 visits