Using Admob Ads Object for Android Application Using Crosswalk




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Exporting Using the Cordova Export (DO NOT MINIFY SCRIPT)

Export your Construct 2 Project into a folder that we will use later. Use the Cordova Export. Please do not minify your script.

Creating a new Project in Intel XDK

^Create a new prohject in Intel XDK and select import from existing HTML 5 Project. Then point the path to the folder you exported all the files from Construct 2

Navigating to the Projects Tab

^^After the project was created, Intel XDK may have sent you to the source code. Simply click on the Projects text at the top left to get back to safety =) .

^^^ You will find a Cordova icon button in the blue box above. Click on that and upgrade the project to a cordova app!

Instructions for adding 3rd Party Plugin Admob Ads

Go to the 'Projects' tab (in the top-left)

Under 'CORDOVA 3.X HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS', click 'Plugins and Permissions'

Click 'Third Party Plugins'

Click 'Get Plugin from the Web'

Enter the following details:

Name: AdMob Plugin

Plugin ID:

Check the 'Plugin is located in the Apache Cordova Plugins Registry' box

Then click 'Import'.

My 3rd Party Plugin


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