Using Admob Ads Object for Android Application Using Crosswalk




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Hello! This tutorial will show you how to implement the Admob Ads Object. I used to implement the CocoonJS Object so i could use the Ludei Cloud Compiler and integrate MoPub Ads. This allowed me to fill in Admob Ads to the MoPub Ad Banners. Now that CocoonJS is deprecated, I moved onto using Intel XDK to build apps. I will be making a few tutorials on using the Intel XDK Program and ntegrating different Objects. For Example, Admob Ads, IAPs, and iAd. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the Tutorial!

Before you open Construct 2

First you will need:


- Create some ads in Admob Account ( If you don't have an account already just make one )

Using the Admob Ads Object in Construct 2:

-Add the Admob Ads Object

-Change its properties

Finally, create Intel XDK project and build it!

Creating Ads:

Monetize a new app

^After you log into your Admob account, Click on Monetize at the top.

^Then at the top left of the window there should be a button like so. Click on it!


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