Using accounts and access codes with educational subscriptions

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In this tutorial, we'll be discussing some of the unique aspects of our educational plans. We'll look at the use of accounts and access codes as well as how to access invoices.

If you’ve not used Construct 3 before, it’s a browser-based 2D game engine. You can read more about Construct and its features on our dedicated page or in the Construct 3 manual.

If you want to try Construct 3, simply visit

Some definitions

Before we get into the how-tos of this tutorial, let's define some key terms:

A subscription or plan represents the contract you have with us, containing all the seats that you have purchased and that you are controlling.

A seat acts as an individual Construct 3 license from the available pool. Seats can either be assigned to a specific user account OR distributed using an Access Code.

An Access code grants a user access to the full version of Construct 3. We'll talk about these more later.

When you purchase an education subscription, you'll be able to select how many seats you require. Bear in mind, you'll need at least one for yourself (or whoever will be controlling the account) and then enough to cover your classes depending on how you wish to set them up.

If you plan on solely using access codes, then you need enough licenses to cover the maximum number of concurrent users. So, for example, if you had two classes of 30 students, but they did not need to use the software at the same time, you'd only need 30 seats plus the control seat – a total of 31.

You can also use a combination of seats and access codes, so you could include some seats in your plan which would be used for specific students, and then have the pool of seats for access codes on top of that. The system is quite customisable, and you can always add more seats if you need them.

We'll look at using accounts and access codes in more detail in the dedicated sections of this tutorial.

Your Construct account allows you access to both the website and Construct's editor itself.

Your plan management tools are accessible from our website ( But in order to use the software, you or your students will need to open and log into the editor.


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