Text input using TextBox (and invisible TextBox)

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Bit more complicated


For this part instead of plain Text object we will use Sprite font.

Sprite font unlike the Text object is using an image to display text.

As You can see, there's not much to change. That's because size, color and how your font look like is based on one image.

Here's the file we'll be using.

Action part 1

Let's start where we left off but with Sprite font.

Execution part 1

You should see the difference now.


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  • It is good, BUT try to hold Ctrl+A... This will show this terrible small text in the input form to the player because the text will be selected. What we can do with this?

    • I'm from the future and I bring the answer to your question.

      Just position your TextBox in any corner(to the play dont see it) and make the size of the TextBox = 1,1

      Good luck.

  • this was exactly what I needed! Cant wait to build upon this, so grateful :)