Sprite Particle Effects

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.


I'm here to show how to make nice particle effects easily. This is one of the easiest ways to do particle effects i know, beginner which have bit guts can (probably) do this without many failures. I use this effect on my all games. (games i published won't show how well this really works)


If comparing FPS between using sprites and particle objects, they both have same speed. Only difference between sprites and particle objects are their working system and possibilities.


First of all, forget particle objects as you them know. It's good way also to do particle effects by using them, but on this tutorial, you do not use them. (they work differently than sprites)

Then, you must know what object will emit particles. I made this black box for example.

Then, make Particle itself. Make only one copy of it, you don't need more. More simple texture you use, less game will lag if you use much of particles. Stretch your particle size if you want, all created particles may also be same-like and sized.

Next we move to events. First, make "Every X seconds"- event, and set time you want. This is how often your particles will appear. (I recommend less than 1) Then, make your object to spawn your particles, under your "Every X seconds," with your object's spawn-event.

Image point doesn't matter. (if you want to make that head of magical staff emits particles, make image point for that head, and make that particle's spawn point to that image point, for example.)

Now your Object emits particles, but that's not done yet! There is one important thing: when does particles disappear? I list some fade effects to show how it can be done. Use any you want. (if you don't understand what exactly happens by looking event, just copy all this and see by your own eyes.)

And finally final part. Is it just too boring that particles appear only in one point? Now we are gonna change it.

Code makes particle to move to random place with up to 10 pixels up and down, left and right.

Test how large area you need to make effect you need, by changing number. Like "random(-20,20)

This one will too make effect more beautiful. Particle gets random angle when created. I recommend to use it often, or even always.

And your effect is done.



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