Simple protection of published game

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Things to consider

I am protected

Like I said in the beginning, there is no 100% guarantee that your game will be fully secured.

Even this method presented by me have one big issue.

If your entire game was stolen that means they already have all of your assets including source code. Even after my security protection and minification they can easily make your game to work on their servers.

Look at this image

See that highlighted text?

This is link to your game we have just secured!

Anyone having your source code can easily modify this lines with simple text editor and put their own links to their own servers. Yes our protection fails...

Not so easy

... But not necessarily.

There is one more trick I want to show you.

All you need to do is a bunch of local text variables that will store your url address.

For this example I've used something like this:

It's a number of local text variables with random names and for each of them I've assigned different parts of my url.

As you can see my full url is

and I've just cut it into a pieces and assign to different variables.

Paid_Ads = ""

Key_Code = "34375299"

Tag = "/Construct%202/examples/"

Name = "Security%20test"

And then all you need to do is to change your Compare condition to something like that

What is happening here is just simple values added together with /index.html at the end.

And here's how it look in text editor

Red highlight show url in variables, Green url in Compare condition.

Noticed like this:


turns to this:

[23,"Paid_Ads"],[23,"Key_Code"]],[23,"Tag"]],[23,"Name"]],2,"/index.html"] ?


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