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For our Enemy we will need 2 Instance Variables;

That’s done open your

Enemy Events

and add these lines

If you study these lines it will be understandable what we are asking Construct 2 to do?

Remember we created instance variable

Enemy_Health = 16

Enemy_State = IDLE

We will put into



Now we must check for our player Knife has

hit the Enemy?

Now we cannot have only one ENEMY, let’s spawn more for our player to enjoy himself or her. Create sprite 32 x 32 and leave it BLANCK and name it


Now add lines below:

As you can see I have used CHOOSE (This is same as randomly selected seconds). It is entirely up to you but I like this method because player will never know when new Enemy being spawn. So our player will not be ready to shoot or aware of it.

Now if you RUN and test it you will notice that enemy health bar is not spawn with our Enemy. Here is how you accomplish this select both Enemy and health bar than scroll down in property and click on create container. This will accomplish our goal.

Now we will add sprite and name it spr_Items



Add Instance Variable below

Item_ID = 0


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