Rexrainbow Board series tutorial #4 Click remove, and make it a game

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Chapter 3. FSM design


Below is the state diagram for our Poptile FSM:

Change to <Layout 1>, drag to add [gameover] object. Put it in the middle of game and set to invisible.

Add <Chess> behavior for [chess].

Change to <Event sheet 1> and add the following codes:

Key code blocks are shown in red boxes. These correspond to FSM so they should be self-representive. Very intuitive and easy to read.

Push <F4> to run layout, now our Poptile game is finished.

Congratulation! You've made a Poptile game and learned how to use Rexrainbow's <Board> series plugins. I hope you can made more splendid games like SLG, RPG, or a roguelike game with these powerful plugins. And your comments are always welcomed.

Hope you'll like this tutorial, see you soon!


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