Rexrainbow Board series tutorial #4 Click remove, and make it a game

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Chapter 2. Refactor the code


Before we start to build the whole FSM, we need to do some little code refactor here. Shrink down the generated chess to 2 rows only:

Disable Event#3 & 7. We don't need "loop" fuction anymore. We will build a self looping FSM.

Add return values for "match3" & "matchL" & "dropdown" functions. Return values help us to know if there is any chess being operated or not. Event#19 changed to signaling style structure.


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  • This needs a million C3 Plugins just to open it.

    Think you can list all the plugins needed for use with C3?

    It's kind of useless unless you provide all the plugins for the current version of Construct.


    The project you are opening uses the following addons that are not installed. Try installing these missing plugins, behaviors and effects and then re-open the project.

    Plugin Matcher (Rex_Matcher) by Rex.Rainbow

    Plugin Board (Rex_SLGBoard) by Rex.Rainbow

    Plugin SLG movement (Rex_SLGMovement) by Rex.Rainbow

    Plugin Square Tx (Rex_SLGSquareTx) by Rex.Rainbow

    Plugin Wait Event (Rex_WaitEvent) by Rex.Rainbow

    Plugin Inst Group (Rex_gInstGroup) by Rex.Rainbow

    Behavior Grid Move (Rex_GridMove) by Rex.Rainbow

    Behavior Chess (Rex_chess) by Rex.Rainbow