Realistic Sparks

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Realistic Sparks

This can be used for other things involving particles also!

Step One

Double click in the grey of the layout.

Step Two

Then click particles. Then you can place the cone wherever you would like.

Step Three

After that go over to the properties tab and make the settings as such

Step Four

Once you have done that you can now create your sparks. To do so just double click your particles and it will open an image editor. Here you can create your sparks. For mine I did the following.

Step Five

Now your sparks are ready to go to the code. It is a very simple code and it's handy for that random effect.


Now you are finished! Your sparks should be looking something like this *the lag is from gyazo's gif creator. (it's kinda slow)

Thank You for reading! I hope this helped you out! Please let me know what you thought of the tut and if it helped you or not! Feel free to show me what you have made!

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