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Now open your Event Editor and enter this line

when you click on AJAX dialog box will open. here click on request file

this will open another dialog box

for tag enter "ReadData"

and choose your Data.txt file you created

this part is done

Now Enter second line like below

now create subevent also in this event you will need local variables. if you do not know how to create then much easier way to create is Global and then drag Global to sub event where you want place it. it will be done by mighty C2 automaticly

your line looks like below

all your events are done so now it looks like below

now run your project in Debug mode and see if it match as this picture. to see this result first click scorearray once

if you have follow the tutorial properly it will work fine

Give me little time and after this tutorial I will create TRIVIA GAME so you can use AJAX to load data and advance your knowledge good luck and I am not asking much for my effort please live comments thanks

god bless


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  • finally this is how I add the things to the array, you are a lifesaver :D