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Many people say comparing 2 values of any given question will not give me correct answer. If that happens then I give up and start something new. What is the point starting new project when one cannot do the projects he or she started with? I am not here to lecture or give a sermon. I will live it up to someone better.

First thing first is many of you also asked how can you read file and load it into Array? Or is C2 is only depending on third party plug-ins? Some say I tried Rojo, Rex, and others plug-ins but it does not work the way I want.

Answer to that is it is not their fault that you cannot use it. These guys are only trying to make your life easy as possible. C2 is very powerful if you know how to use it. Ashley and boys has given you something that is so valuable and priceless C2. Learn and become millionaire.

For our Trivia game which will be new tutorial after this. but first for this tutorial we will need text file so we can load it in our project. Your file looks like this. These are my students and I have marked them

1 create new project and name it as you wish

2 set layer you want

3 on project where it says Files

4 right click on file and import it in like Picture 2

Once this is done. You will need 3 objects in your project

AJAX for file reading

Array to insert our AJAX file

textbox to view my students data


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  • finally this is how I add the things to the array, you are a lifesaver :D