Placing Sprites (Like in minecraft but 2D)



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Hello welcome to my first written tutorial!

So today I will be showing you how to make a block placing system that will consist of two blocks (can be easily changed to any amount of blocks) and they fall to the floor making it able to create structures!

Here we go!

Setting up layout

To start with make a new project can be any of template, I have chosen 'New Empty Project'.

Create your blocks (Images) and drag them into the project here are two example ones!

Give them the following behaviors: Platform, Solid, DestroyOutsideLayout - This needs to be applied to all blocks!

Make sure you have a solid block at the bottom of the layout for your blocks to land on!

Make two particles (or however many blocks you have) these will be the particles that show when you break your blocks! Here are the two I'm using for my images:

Add Mouse and Keyboard to your project


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