Physical Bike!

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Stopping the Bike

You have a front and a rear break on a bike, which can be used seperatly and have different effects on the physics.

Using the rear break is the safest way, to stop a bike...and it is the easiest to simulate:

I just simply stop the rotation of the wheel - and due to differnt keyboard layouts this is done with either y or z

The front break reacts a littel different.

As you see, I am not only stopping the wheel, but also check if it's on the ground. If so, a torque is applied to the body, allowing you to do a "stoppy"

Controlling the weight

The last thing I had to simulate was where the bodyweight of the rider sits. Remeber the imagepoints?

Here the global variable scherpunkt is set according to the keypress:

And this concludes the tutorial. You should now have a "working" bike for your projects.

Please let me know, if you need any more information.


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