Offscreen Enemy Indicators

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Positioning the indicators

Right, now we have to position them. Let's create a group to keep it organised. Right-click the event sheet and 'Add Group'.

We'll loop through the monsters and pick the indicator with matching IID:

Add a sub-event to the group and create a System condition:

Then we'll check that the monster is not on the screen and set the indicator to its position.

Create a sub-event and add the condition:

And invert it to check if monster is NOT on-screen:

And the action:

Otherwise we'll put the indicator offscreen somewhere.

Right-click the 'Monster not on screen' event and select 'Add' -> 'Add Else' or select the event and press 'X' to add an 'Else' condition.

Then add the action:


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