Offscreen Enemy Indicators

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Offscreen Enemy Indicators

In this tutorial I'll show you how to create offscreen enemy indicators.

Click here for a demonstration.

We'll modify the Ghost Shooter tutorial example so open the examples folder from the start page and load up 'Ghost Shooter (tutorial version).capx'.

The first thing we'll do is create a new layer for the indicators. We'll call it 'Indicators' and place it between the 'Main' and 'UI' layers.

Double-click on the layout and insert a sprite called 'Indicator'.

Here is the image to use:

Now, onto the event sheet.


First we'll delete the existing indicator at the start of the layout. Then we'll use a loop to create an indicator for each monster.

Add a new action to the 'On start of layout' event:

Then create a new sub-event and add the condition:

And the action:

We also have to make sure we create a new indicator whenever a monster is created and destroy one when a monster is destroyed.

We'll just destroy a random indicator when the monster is killed. Find the event where the monsters are destroyed and add a sub-event:

Add a system condition:

and a destroy indicator action same as in the 'On start of layout' event.

Create an indicator when a monster is spawned. Find the event where monsters are spawned and add a create monster action the same way as before.


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