Navigate your game layouts to ONE result layout with correct responses



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Because I can't type more in the title (limited characters), so let me explain this problem exactly before diving in.

This happens when:

- You have multiple game layouts, each has the same game (but different backgrounds, levels,...)

- If you add each result layout - with each game layout (1 game layout = 1 result layout), your project size will be large - Construct 2 can cause lags (or other problem)

In this tutorial, we will need only ONE result layout - for all game layouts in your game you made. (x game layouts = 1 result layout)

Let's get started!

Plugins you need

- Local Storage (or WebStorage because I often use it)

- Function. If you have lose events in each layout (Ex: When the player is died, call the function in the specific sheet)

- Text

- Input: Mouse or Touch

- Something that can be a local value, I will use a Textbox plugin here.

- Button

Someone may not believe it, but that's all things we need.


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