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Design layout & make it work

First, create a new project, design the "Choose game" layout like this

Create 3 layouts detailed above, go to Start event sheet, edit it like below

Edit 3 game layouts, add some specific things to each layout like these. In this tutorial, I just want to show an example, show I can clone layout. I will type 3 different values in 3 layouts.

In these 3 layouts, you can add an another event sheet that has the main game, then in the specific sheets, include that event sheet like this.

In fact, in this example, the included sheet does not have any events.

In the specific sheets, make some events like this

Add a global variable. This will help the result event sheet to know what the previous layout is.

So in the specific sheets, when someone clicks the button, we will wait for 1 sec, then set the value of the variable. For example, set 1 for Game 1, 2 for Game 2, and 3 for Game 3

Remember to reset the variable on start of layout!


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