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Developing multiplayer games is difficult, even though Construct's Multiplayer object takes care of many of the complexities for you. In the same way the events to every game are different, the way multiplayer messages and data are handled will depend on the type of game you are making. As a result the Multiplayer object has relatively abstract general-purpose features so you can make best use of it for your particular game. To make best use of these features it is important to understand how multiplayer online games fundamentally work, the problems that arise, and how they are resolved.

If the features are used incorrectly, your game could end up being unnecessarily laggy, have strange and difficult bugs, or make it possible for players to cheat. While you may be keen to start designing your multiplayer games as soon as possible, it is strongly recommended to read through the complete set of multiplayer tutorials before starting. Additionally this should be considered an advanced feature: beginners may find it very difficult, and intermediate users may find themselves stretched.

If you're ready to begin learning how multiplayer games work, read on!


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  • Hello! I managed to make the multiplayer connection, but I'm having a problem with the peer, on the screen of his monitor the player's jump is not well synchronized, you know how to fix? Sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian and translated by google translator!

  • I need help with everything in multiplayer

  • help me

  • So 8 bits can store "10000001" for up to eight controls. But it can also store up to




    for each bit, yes?

    Since "0" & "1" are single digits per bit, are not "2-9" also as efficient to utilize, also being single digits? And "10-99" would have to also be more efficient than "100-255". Even if the efficiency of fewer digits per bit in a byte is rather negligible...?

    Edit: Right. 1s & 0s in combo * 8 digits = 255.

    8 slots to indicate 8 controls in-/active in one packet, or all 8 slots used to indicate just one piece of info.

  • can the chat room template run just on its own if i publish it?