The Land Of Light and Shadows (Part 1)



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Please click on the layer "Layer Shadow" and look to the properties on the left hand side of the screen.

Here you can see information about this layer. For fun (and I am sure it will be fun) let us rename this layer ! There are several ways we can do this for example :

left click in the properties bar on the name "Layer Shadow" and type away.


right click on the layer (Layer Shadow) in the layer tab and from the popup select rename.


left click on the pen icon at the top of the layer tab.

What should we rename it to ?

Time for me to mount my high horse !

(and no I didn't want you to rename it anything about horses)

Perhaps I should have warned you at the start of this tutorial that I have the attention span of an average five year old ?

Name things - and give then easy to recognise names. Looking through my "code" I find it a lot easier to remember that "spPlayer" is my players sprite. The players speed stored in an instant variable called "ivPlayersSpeed" or "s" ?

OK. Spurs off. (for now....)

How about we rename it to "x", "ls", "high horse" or even leave it as "Layer Shadow" - it is up to you ! :)

Note in the properties tab that our layer is visible, has a background colo(u)r of black, it is not transparent and that it has a normal blend mode (under effects).

(this last one is quite important and there will be a test later...)


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