The Land Of Light and Shadows (Part 1)



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Link to Part 2

Link to Part 3

since the 170 release this is mostly now unneeded


This part one will be take in very small steps. It is partly intended as an introduction to Construct 2.

Some things I know and might assume that you do to - if something doesn't make sense to you then please ask.

I have been known to make mistakes ! Technically these are not mistakes - but just training exercises to see if you are paying attention. :) Please point these out to me.

I generally run the latest beta - at the moment this is 155. If you have any problems opening my files please let me know and I will try to help. If you look at the bottom of most pages here on you will find links to the latest stable and beta builds.

Making a start

Lets start with a very simple example : capx

Not the most exciting example in the history of examples.

In the Construct 2 editor you should see...

...and if you run it you should see a black rectangle with a white and red square on it.

lets go back to the editor and have a look around.


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