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The program will prompt for a folder where a subfolder is created for each animation.

To import into Construct 2:

   a) Create an empty project.

   b) Add a sprite, add the 8-Direction behavior and name it “Player”

   c) Change the “Set Angle” property to “45-degrees interval”.

   d) Add another sprite to hold the animations and name it “PlayerAnimations”

   e) Edit animations for PlayerAnimations sprite, create 5 animations and name them “DOWN”, “UP”, “SIDE”, “SIDEUP” and “SIDEDOWN”

   f) Select the DOWN animation and right click on the Animation Frames window and select “Import Frames”.

   g) Select the frames corresponding to the animation (UP animation is from 0 to 23) and delete the frame 0 (the empty one).

   h) Crop the transparent areas clicking on the crop icon while holding the shift key.

   i) Set animation speed to 24 and repeat to “Yes”.

   j) Repeat steps “f” to “h” for the others animations


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