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You will need three Text Box

Text Scrore

Text Shiphit

Text Timer

Now add new layer and name it meaningful say main-guide or guide and lock it, now on this layer we going to create one screen that will be our game port screen. Name this Layer Window-Guide. Now add sprite, name it Window-guide, use any colour you like and also set Opacity to 20 and set it to invisible. Also add another layer under the Windowguide and name it Game. Place it at 400 by 600 and set size to our window size which is 640 x 960. So this area will be our safe window where we can add sprites, text, and etc screen looks like below. Remember outside this safe window there is white empty space? Does not worry about that because our aim is use that redundant space for sprites and other odds and ends?

We are going to put our stuff inside our Redline box and whatever you put out side of this area will not be seen on our screen.

NOTE please for testing purpose leave the Letterbox Scale. Only time we will change to outer scale when we export it. Not until then thanks. Now if you run your game in browser you will notice your screen is not in centre.

Now run it. See that is in centre.

We are ready to create game. Add background of your choice

All the sprite and other are in demo capx I am uploading. You can use them as you wish. Once you created the game sprites and everything your game screen looks like this below:

All the sprites and other stuff are in my game. Please download it and we can start adding code for each.

Now let’s add some Ashley wisdom code. Now add these lines below:


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