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I have been asked by many of you what size screen, what resolution for android phone Development to use? I am just going to show you just basic android game. This game will be compatible IPhone and other Android too. It will be stretched or scaled. Whatever way you want it.

Please understand I have not added how to any advertisement or anything else but, just game and how to use XDK. I know no one is dumb but, everyone has to learn from someone or somewhere. So here goes nothing.

Sometime being novice one tends to just start making something they been thinking or had idea and makes biggest mistake about resolutions. Therefore please be careful. I made this mistake many times and I am not shamed to admited.

Therefore we are going to use low resolution. This type of resolution is quite good until you get good feel and learnt enough. Like they say learn to walk before you can run.

Let’s create small game. Not to fancy or advance just simple android game. First create new project and name it as Live or Die or whatever you like.

Set window-size to 640, 960

Set Layer size to 800, 1200

Set margin same 800, 1200

Call this layer BG and dark blue colour or whatever you like.

Create another layer and name it as Window-Guide and Lock it.

On BG create sprite and name it Guide-box size 640, 960. Set opacity to about 20 and place it in centre so, that will be about 400, 600 Once done move this Guide-box on layer window-guide. Now if you run it you will notice your Guide-box is not in centre. Let us put this right. Open Event editor and add these lines but first add global variables

Now this area is for our aliens, space ship, score etc outside of this area is only dead zone which we should not worry about. Our main concern is this Guide-box where we will put our substance or you can call it material.


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