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Step 7

As you can see, only one set of pipes ever appears! We want to create new pipes every second. To do this add a new event. Select "System" and under "Time" select "Every X Seconds". Set the value to "1.5" (you can make it less if you want it to be harder, or more if you want it to be easier!)

For the action, go to "System", "Create object" and select "Top Pipe". Keep "Layer" at "0", set "X" to "400" and set Y to "random(50, -250)" (without quotation marks). Add another action for this event, but create "Bottom Pipe". Set this pipe to be created at "X = 400" and "Y = PipeTop.Y + 700".

Play your game! More pipes will be created until you hit them! You might find the first set of pipes is bunched with the second set, if this is the case go back to your "Layout View" and move the pipes into an easy first position like so:


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