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Step 4

We now need to give our bird movement. Click on the bird, and on the left under "Behaviors" click "Add/Edit". On the new popup, click the small "Plus" symbol on the top left. Double click "Platform Behavior".

On the left, we need to change a property of the "Platform Behavior". Set "Max Speed" to 0 (this stops you from being able to move left and right).

Now right click the layout, and "Insert a new object". Under "Input" double click on "Mouse". This will allow us to listen to mouse events like a click!

Step 5

We now need to program our events. Go to the event sheet for the "Game" layout (probably called "Event sheet 2").

The first thing we want to do is make our bird fly! Add a new event, double click "Mouse" and select "On any click". Add an action for this event, double click on the bird and under "Platform" double click "Set vector Y". In the popup box, type in "bird.Y - 700". This tells the game that when a mouse button is pressed, move the bird up as if it's flapped it's wings!

Try playing the game (the play button at the very top left) and click, the bird will jump upwards!

Now we need to program in what happens when the bird hits a pipe, or leaves the layout (flys off the bottom or top). Add a new event, select "Bird" and under "Collisions" select "On collission with another object". Choose "Pipebottom" when prompted then click "Done". For the action, select "System", "Go to layout" and select the "Start" layout. Do the same for "Pipetop" as well with a new event. Add one more event, select "Bird" and under "Size and Position" click "Is outside layout". Make this action go to the "Start" layout as well.


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