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Now copy the folder where you started from and paste it back to Construct 2. For this tutorial, I copied the files from the first folder and pasted them into the second folder.


C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\facebookgw

Now, let's start by opening up Construct 2 and open a New Facebook project. Under the Project tree, add a new Object Type by right-clicking on Object types and selecting "Insert new object"

Next, we insert the new Facebook plug-in. Following the tutorial example, you will see both Facebook and FacebookGW (my new plugin) together in the Project Tree.

Make the following changes to the Login Events Sheet. As you can see, you must disable all references to the Facebook plugin, and then recreate the code using the new plugin.

Finally, make the following changes to the Game Events Sheet. You can set up a sprite to load the photo URL during runtime. That is a trivial exercise which I shall leave you to do.

Hope that helps!

If you have any questions, write me.

Thanks for reading.


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