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Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Pre-Requisite: Knowledge of Javascript and Facebook Developer Docs

The Facebook plugin that ships with Release 116 currently contains only basic functions for Facebook App development. The plugin feels underpowered with many features like getting a proper Friends list and Invitation Requests missing. The main reason to this is that the Facebook development environment is rather volatile with updates frequently being rolled out that may make or break a full featured Facebook plugin done by Scirra.

This tutorial shall proceed to describe how you can get a list of Friends for the player as well as retrieve URLs to a friends's photo. Here's a screenshot of my up-and-coming Facebook game with a field of Friends arrayed across the bottom of the screen.

Finding the Facebook Plugin

First navigate to your Construct 2 folder and look for the Facebook plugin path. For convenience, I provide the default path to the Facebook plugin below:

C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\facebook

Copy the entire subdirectory into another path so that you will leave the original Facebook plugin untouched. For this tutorial, I have copied the entire subdirectory to:


PS - The suffix GW is for my website GamesWarp which you can find out more about by checking out my profile.

Open the folder and you will find the following files:






You will need to make changes to only two files - edittime.js and runtime.js (which are in bold text above).

OK, now fire up your text editor (I am using Notepad++) because you're going to take a look at these two files and make some changes to them.


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