How To Make Cut The Rope Game

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GamePlay Coding: Part Two

In this part we are going to learn how to make winning & losing system. It is so simple:

If “Cheese” is outside layout, destroy “Cheese” wait 3 sec and then restart layout

For winning we use when cheese collides with mouse set animation to eating, “Cheese” destroy & wait 3 sec then go to Levels.

But Wait! What about next level logic? For that we add sub event to the previous event that if current_level = level then add 1 to level

And another sub-event that if the stars collected is more than the one’s before set to mouse.collected_stars

Then we go to beta logic (what is beta logic? It is logic that works but can be improved)

So for every value the stars’ animation changes:

Layout Design: Part two

Now we need to add two new sprites: “RopeArea” and “Blower”

Add “blower” with two animations: default: “idle” blower_idle & “blowing” blower_blowing.

And add empty sprite of size 25,25 and name it “air”

And place them whatever you want! Notice that you need a wheel inside the rope area to work.

The final work will be like this:


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