How To Make Cut The Rope Game

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Layout Design: Part One

Now it’s time for the level design:

Add buttons: clone of “levels_menu” and name it “Game_menu” , “Restart” and put them at the top-right of layout.

Add Sprites: “Wheel”, “Rope”, “Cheese” , “ ChairUpper” “ChairBottom” and then Mouse with animation: default: “idle” mouse_idle , and then “eating” with two frames: Frame1: mouse_eating , Frame 2: Mouse_idle and set speed to 2 & set loop “yes”.

Add instance variable or (family variable if you have full version) and set for “Wheel”, “rope” and “Cheese” named “ID”=1 (for added instance of the same sprite add 1 to id. Example: First Rope: ID=1 ninth rope: ID=9)

Then add new image point to “wheel” at bottom.

Set “rope” origin to top then add image point2 at bottom and image point 3 at middle.

Add Physics Behavior to “Wheel”, “Rope”, and “Cheese” but set :”Wheel” immovable”

Add also Pin Behavior to “Cheese”

Then Drag them wherever you want (designing) then add sprite “Star” and add them wherever you want too.

Add instance variable to mouse & name it “Stars_collected’=0.

Add sprite “Slice” and put it outside layout.

The final work will look like this:


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