How To Make Cut The Rope Game

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

Edit -- We are fixing these tutorial & working on it, please wait when it is totally finished. please test the game (in the link down there) and tell us what wrong, we really appreciate that!. -- Edit

Welcome to Cut The Rope Tutorial! This tutorial will show you how to make a game like cut the rope. Please follow all the beneath steps to make a cut the rope game because it a bit long. If you have better logic please comment your suggestion. Total Events: 44 (increase with new levels) you can download .capx file for more sight & you can Try it here!

download capx from here (since it didn't worked from tutorial editor)


Layout Design

Before you can start make sure you have graphics & sounds. You can use your own or you can download this folder with sounds & graphics (all graphics made by me) so sorry if you didn’t like the graphics. Some Graphics need to be resized if you wish.

First Open Construct2 Set Windows size to 800,1280 & the layout size to also 800,1280 and then name the layout “Menu”. Then go to layers tab and name the first to “BG” then lock it and add one & name it “Main”, after that, add the following plug-in: Audio, browser, Arrays, & touch. We used Touch Plug-in instead of Mouse Plug-in since Cut the rope is a mobile game and the layout size is for tablets/phones.

Add the music file “Cut the rope theme song” to music folder & the rest sound to Sounds Folder.

Add a sprite named “background” then set position to 400,640

Add a sprite named “Title” and set position to 400, 240

Then add sprites buttons named “play” &”Exit” and set position X to 400 & Y whatever you want.

The layout should look like this:

Then add the following global variables:

1- “MusicTag”=0 (Since it makes problem with sound tags in mobile/tablets)

2- “level”=1 (To check which level are you & other options)

3- “CurrentLevel”=0 (To check if level & current level is equal to proceed to next level)

Duplicate the layout “Menu” and name the new one “levels”. We are going to modify it later.

Add the following buttons & music event:


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