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We can add Flash behaviour but I like this way much better. Second earth is for effect when Alienship collides with it. We can show earth has been attacked. Please add this line below for Earth.

Now we came to nearly end but, we need to check player and earth value too. Then decide what to do. If player lose his shields then does he or she want to play again? Same goes for earth too. So we will have to instruct C2 to check for that.

This part I will like you to work it out. I have started you off your turn to finish it. Therefore you have to add this instruction for C2 to check. Good luck.

Only thing I will ask for is if you like this tutorial then please pass it on to your friends and leave some comments. Thank you and God Bless



Download now 4.63 MB

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  • Hi I have problem with enemy counts. Working on a top down shooter. Can you help please.

    After killing all enemies we go to next level.