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I have been asked about creating video game. Always ask where do you start? What kind of procedure or course of action do you take? How to use construct 2? I started creating game and found could not move player or put auto firing on spaceship? Then goes on to say will you help me how to create video game? I thought about it and decided instead of do tutorial for this person. I might as well help all of those you need starting point of making video game.

Remember this I am not writer so I cannot write books and you are asking me to do just that. I can guide you with this small tutorial so, you will know how, when, and what to use to make video game?

Ashley and co. has provided wonderful tool. Construct 2, Easy and adaptable. So let’s start and get started with simple game.

Video game making is like cooking, swimming, and more or less like everyday task you do. Let’s say you want make cup of coffee. How would you start?

1. Start by filling kettle with water.

2. Make decision is kettle full? Yes or no : No then fill it up

3. Yes kettle is full : then plug it in

4. Make decision is kettle wire plugged in? Yes or no : if no plug it in

5. Yes then switch it on.

Now from this you will clearly understand where I am going with coffee. Same principal used here too. Only difference is we are adding code, syntax for video game in Construct 2. Let us start.

Our game is saving earth from alien invaders. Your task is to move your spaceship left and right. Set auto fire on to fire bullets at aliens. Keep score how many Alienship has shot down? How long took to kill 10 aliens. Earth has shield that can be weaken by alien weapons. So you will need counter for shield. If earth shields finished game ends too. Message saying you lost. If you shoot down 10 aliens then you will need message player won. How much time taken? Play again yes or no : if yes start again if not end game.

First thing first, start Construct 2 and create new project. Call it Defend Earth.

1. Set window size to 640 x 480

2. Set layout size to 640 x 480

3. Load background tile of sky or change the colour to black. Call this layer BG

4. Add another layer and call it aliens spawn

5. Add another layer call it player.

6. Add another layer and call it HUD. Please always remember to set parallax 0, 0. I know you won’t need it with our window but, if you make routine then in future video game which has larger layout you will remember what to do.

Now our layout and screen is ready we will add all our objects like player, aliens, movements of aliens and also player too. Player, Alienship, Explosion effects, Keyboard, Mouse, Audio, bullets etc.....

Using free bundle that came with Construct 2 load Spaceship and place it in centre like below: add text 5 boxes and name them as:

1. Score

2. Alienshot

3. Timer

4. Earthshields

5. Playershields


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  • Hi I have problem with enemy counts. Working on a top down shooter. Can you help please.

    After killing all enemies we go to next level.