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Now all is done if you execute (RUN) the project you will see your green gem will start moving left, which we don’t want, also being a good programmer one should keep everything in order. Call the Layout as Game and add one more Event Sheet call 1st Game Event, 2nd Main Event. You will ask why two (2) well Main Event we will use it for Global Variable and other stuff. What I mean is if you take a look at picture below, you will notice everything in order in one picture and one is not.

That is what I would like but you can do as you please. Now open your Main Event Sheet and INCLUDE Game Event sheet, also add Global Variable Score = 0;

Now open Game Event and enter this lines:

What we are doing is instructing Construct 2 to at start of our game destroy our Gem_Stones, also setting angle of bullet motion downward which is 90 degree, set Score to Zero (0) simple is not?

Now I have seen or many of you creating so many spawned sprite just to spawn at different position. Why do you do that? Let Construct 2 to do your hard work. Construct 2 is quite capable enough to do your task. Therefore let’s create Gem_Stones Randomly with Gem_Stonespawn at different time interval as well.

Just for testing our project add this lines and test the project. You will find Construct 2 is doing what you have requested.


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