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Many of you say is there any way to make simple game with Construct 2 where it does not take months and months to make. See problem is many of you say it takes long to design game and if we started in 2 to 3 day we have new idea and forget about what we started. My advice to you all is you could start with simple game with simple graphic and animation. To prove my point here is this little tutorial in this tutorial I will show you how you can create simple game in about 3 to 5 hours depending on your knowledge of construct 2.

Open Construct 2 and create new project Landscape HD 1080, name this project whatever you wish. I am just calling this Creating simple game as project. Set property for project below.

1. Windows size to 1920, 1080

2. Set layout size to 1920, 1080

3. Set margin size to 1920, 1080

Create sprite and set size to 1940, 1100, color 25, 25, 25, name it Background.

Add new layer and name it Object_Falling. On this layer create sprite size about 150, 150, name it Gem_Stones and 5 frames, add bullet behaviour and set angle to NO.

Now create one more sprite, set size 32, 32, and name it Gem_Stonespawn.

Place Gem_Stonespawn at top of your screen like below:

Not much is it but doesn’t worry will put some sparkle in our game before we finish this game tutorial. Before we open Event Editor first create TEXT and name it txtScore, set font size to 120, 120 and set bold.


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