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Welcome educator

Welcome to this tutorial covering how some of the key aspects of our educational plans. We’ll be looking at using accounts, access codes and seats, as well as discussing subscriptions and accessing invoices.

If you’ve not used Construct 3 before, it’s an HTML5-based 2D game engine which produces HTML5 games for a variety of platforms. Being HTML5-based, Construct 3 is a web application, meaning you can use it in a browser – making it device independent. If you want to load Construct 3, simply visit this URL

For education users, we have specific subscription plans which give you access to a certain number of licenses and we have put management tools in place to facilitate use for these licenses through direct assignment to other accounts or through the use of access codes which will be discussed further later in this tutorial.

Some definitions

Throughout this tutorial, we’ll be using a specific set of terms which are defined below:

A subscription or plan represents the contract you have with us, containing all the seats that you have purchased and that you are controlling.

An Access code acts as a log-in to the full version of Construct 3, temporarily using one or more seats from your available pool up to the maximum number of seats linked to that Access Code. You can configure this.

A seat acts as an individual Construct 3 license, which can either be assigned to a specific user account OR distributed using an Access Code.

An Educational Subscription for Construct 3 is made up of the maximum number of seats as you may need at any time. For example, if you needed thirty students and one teacher using Construct 3 at once, you would require thirty one seats.

Seats can be assigned to accounts registered with us on When a seat is assigned, it means the user can access the full version of Construct 3 as a license has been assigned to that account.

Your Construct account allows you access to both the website and Construct's editor itself.

Your plan management tools are accessible from our website ( But in order to use the software, you or your students will need to open and log into the editor.

Bear in mind, if you and/or your institute decide to use only access codes, your students do not even need accounts registered on our website – more on this later.


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  • If I understand correctly, you can't use an access code while using Construct offline because everytime you close Construct 3, you have to put it in again?

  • So to be clear. Let's say I purchased 25 seats. I have a class of 25 students until the middle of the school year. (they will be out of my class for the rest of the school year) I have 25 new students in my class the second half of the year. Because we have purchased year long licenses, I can use access codes that expire in the middle of the school year, and then generate more codes for students for the last half of the school year? So the access code acts as a "temporary" account, but you don't need to create an account? It will save work and everything the students does, right? Until the code expires?

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      The maximum time for code validity is 3 months.

      In your scenario, you would have to create 4 codes during the year.

      Each time you create a new code, you would provide it to the group of students you would be working with for this period only.

      Saving projects is done as indicated in this manual article :

      There is no requirement for a subscription or a code for saving projects.

      Projects are saved on your own computer space or a cloud service of your choice.

      Cloud service would require accounts on their service, but this is outside of the scope of Construct itself.