Collaborative Game Development

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The Timeline

One of the key parts of making a game successfully is following a basic timeline and process. Although dates can be pushed around, the basic flow should be similar.

Basic Development Timeline:

This is by no means an 'official' timeline. Please, by all means, adapt and modify it as needed to suit your needs. Some productions may need less concept work or the composer to join earlier or later depending on the project. As noted earlier, others might need testers from the start. In addition, some games require a different pacing and order to things being done depending on their development.

The publication process also tends to differ. If you have the Personal Edition of Construct and lucky, you might get your game published for revenue, in which case you would have to agree to splitting said revenue by a set percent determined during the development, these being called Royalties. Royalties are set based on how much work team members gave into the project. These rates differ greatly, and are often times not equal between the various departments (often times programmers have to work very long to get games done, and testers generally don't get paid much if anything). If you hire a third party to do something like music or extra art, you can see if they would be interested in a cut of the profits. However, selling the game doesn't mean people will buy it. It is now when things like advertising and outreach really come into play, but that is not the purpose of this tutorial (perhaps I will discuss getting players in a future tutorial).

Most games will be released all over the internet non-commercially. Note that there are other release places such as ModDB/IndieDB where you can upload your game as well, or your own website.


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