Collaborative Game Development

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2nd Edition, Unabridged

When we cannot achieve alone one great task, we often instinctively turn to others to help us. Making a game can be a VERY challenging task, and because of anything from being a beginner to not being very good at art, teams are formed constantly in order to create something more than can be done alone. In fact, pretty much every professional game is developed by a large team of people. Even in the world of indie games, most games are not solo developments, and if they are, they often take a very long time.

This guide is a formal outline to the successful formation of a team that will be able to last the test of time (at least to the release date) and a good structure to follow with practical rules of thumb I've learned over years of collaborative game development and talking to others who have been doing this far longer than myself.

If you have any suggestions for additions, feel free to contact me.


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