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Often people want to work on the same Construct project as a team. Construct supports saving projects in a folder structure, where each part of the project is saved to a separate file. This is specifically designed to help teams work on each part of the project separately.

However trying to manage contributions, versions and merging by hand is a tedious and error-prone process. Source control software is designed to solve this problem. Some excellent solutions exist, such as SVN and Git. While these tools are designed for traditional programming systems (we use them for developing Construct itself), they can in fact work with any files, and are especially good with text-based files. Since Construct project, event sheet and layout information is saved in text-based formats, it lends itself well to source control.

There are also online source control services, which take care of a lot of details for you, such as hosting your files. There are many such services out there, and you could probably use any of them. However this tutorial focuses on GitHub since it's one of the most popular services, provides a decent free tier, and has a well-designed web interface.

Source control tools are so useful that many individual developers still find them useful, even though they are not working in a team. The tools provide features like viewing exactly what you've changed, showing a log of changes with descriptions, allowing you to view the exact changes made at any point in the past, rolling back to previous versions, branching to make experimental changes, and more. This can be invaluable for ambitious projects developed solo, so it can worth learning the process even if you aren't in a team.

This tutorial does not require any paid features, so you can try it out with the Free edition of Construct and a free GitHub account.

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