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Modifying the project in Construct

Go back to your project and make a change. For demonstration purposes, we'll add a new Player sprite to our new empty project. Save the project so the files in your project folder update.

Go back to GitHub Desktop. It now lists those changes. There will be a mix of files added (such as the player image) and changed (such as the layout, which now includes a new player instance).

Note that as you select the files on the left, you can see a preview of what changed. It can show image files added, and also the sections of text files that have changed.

It's a good idea to use this preview to double-check your changes are what you expect and that you haven't made a mistake.

Then as before follow these steps to push the changes to the server:

  1. Enter a summary (like Added Player object), and ideally a description
  2. Click Commit to master
  3. Click Push origin to send the commit to the server

As before you can now reload the web page for your repository and see the changes, such as browsing to newly added files. This also means the changes are available for your other team-mates to receive.

There are lots of useful tools on the GitHub website for your repository too. You can review the commit history and see a full list of all changes; see the files changed in each commit; add documentation like a README file; open issues; use project boards and a wiki; and lots more. Refer to GitHub's help for all the details, we're just covering the basic usage here!


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  • I've been waiting for this. Thank you finally!!

  • Thanks for sharing this tutorial 👍

    It helps to solve my current problem.

  • After you invite people to join the repository, how do they acccess the construct project?

  • Very cool, when using this though, if I modify the position of an object or add new object etc, changes appear in my GIT commit list. However if I change a tilemap, adding or removing tiles, those changes do not appear in the commit list.

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      • Ashley
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      All changes should appear in your commit list. If changes do not appear, then you have not saved the project, and the changes won't be there when you next open the project either.

      • Recorded a quick video showing the issue:

      • I've tested a few times, certainly saving the project - if I move an object and save, it appears. If I modify a tilemap and save then nothing appears in the commit list.

        What's interesting is if I edit the tile map and then do something like move an objects position, when I commit the changes the tile map edits are saved. So that data is being captured, its just if I edit the tilemap and do nothing else, git thinks I've made no edits to the project and nothing appears in the commit list.

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          Tilemap data is saved in the corresponding layout JSON file, so check for changes there. Maybe GitHub Desktop isn't checking there or something, or perhaps you forgot to add the files in the first place.

  • wow. That's a great resource. I haven't used that yet but I really like it