Cheat Codes: Using odd dimensional Sprite Sheets fast and easy

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We want to get the images of Snake with the High Frequency blade so that we can test an animation. Normally, if you tried to import this sprite sheet, C2 wouldn't be able to pick up the dimensions for that specific animation. Here's how we can do this quickly and easily inside of C2 without any other software.

First, press the selection tool. Create a rectangle around the sprites you want to capture. Don't worry about having other sprites in your selection for now. You can be sloppy.

Next, we want to press the crop tool. Here's the location and the icon of the crop tool.

Zooming in to see clearly. We use the rectangle tool once again. We select the bits of sprites we didn't want to capture and press delete.

Next, we press the paint bucket tool, set the alpha to 0, and fill in all the background colors.

Then, we go into the animation frames box, and duplicate our picture for the amount of sprites in the animation. In this case, there's 4 sprites, so I want to duplicate the frame 4 times.

Using the selection tool again, we go into each frame and select the sprite in order of what frame we're currently working with. Because C2 is 0-based, we start at frame 0.

For example, for frame 0, we will select the first sprite of Snake. For the frame 1, we will select the second sprite of Snake.

After that, we press the crop button 2 times. Once to select our new Snake, and a second time to remove unnecessary space from the frame. Then, we move onto the next frame selecting the next snake, and do the same process.

After all the sprites have their own frames and we've removed all the empty space, all we need to do is set an origin point to a location of reference. In this specific example, I used snake's 1 pixel eye. Setting the origin point to Snake's eye in each frame made for a smooth animation with no jumping.

And that's that. The process takes about two or three minutes. With no fancy softwares, we've created a smooth animation from a sprite sheet with odd dimensions.


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