Cheat Codes: Using odd dimensional Sprite Sheets fast and easy

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Manage sprite sheets with no additional software needed, all in C2

When I want to make a game I'm going to release, I like to consider a finished idea. I create all of the game logic with the gameplay elements I want to capture first and then pay someone a commission for the art. Doing things this way allows me to test out my ideas before committing to a larger project.

I like to use placeholder graphics from games I think are similar to the ones I'm trying to make, so my artist and beta testers get a general feel for the game that's in my head.

Today, I would like to share for you one of the fastest, simplest, and easiest ways to use sprite sheets you found on the internet to test out your games. It's kind of a cheaty way to do something. But if you achieve, you achieved.

It requires no additional software because of Construct 2's awesome graphic features. Not a lot of people know how simple it is to get an animation going in under 3 minutes.

We find a sprite sheet we like, right click it and copy it. Then in C2, we make a new sprite, click into the graphic canvas, and press Ctrl-V from our keyboard. More often than not, the file will be too large for the canvas.

Click Enlarge Canvas. Here you can see I've copy pasted a custom sprite sheet from a character in Metal Gear Solid.


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