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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

The “Code” for the EditBtn:

Quite similar to AddBtn but the differences lies in that in AddBtn you add a data at the end of the last Index while for EditBtn you simply edit an existing data.

First you need to declare a private/instance variable for EditBtn

I named my EditIndex which is a number that is 0

On the add events we have only one event

1.When the EditBtn is Clicked

This is followed by various add actions

> Set EditIndex to float(TextIndex).Text

note the float() converts a value to number

> Set the Database.size to present size ie Database.size (3 * Index, 1, 1)

> Set the Database.X Index value

Set Database. X index to EditBtn.EditIndex - 3 which the value is TextWord.Text

Set Database. X index to EditBtn.EditIndex - 2 which the value is TextSynonyms.Text

Set Database. X index to EditBtn.EditIndex - 1 which the value is TextMeaning.Text

> Set your global variable to “my global variable” &Index ie

Set Word to “Word” & EditBtn.EditIndex----Word reads as Word1

Set Synonyms to “Synonyms” & EditBtn.EditIndex----Synonyms reads as Synonyms1

Set Meaning to “Meaning” & EditBtn.EditIndex----Meaning reads as Meaning1

> Assign a Key and set a value in the webstore

Set a Local Key as Word to Database.At (EditBtn.EditIndex – 3)

Set a Local Key as Synonyms to Database.At (EditBtn.EditIndex – 2)

Set a Local Key as Meaning to Database.At (EditBtn.EditIndex – 1)


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