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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Now the “Code” for the AddBtn:

On the add event side you will have two conditions

1.when the AddBtn on clicked

2.when the System checks the Index value is greater or equal to 0

On the add action you will have numerous actions

o Add the Index value to 1

each click increases and add the Index by 1

o The array (Database). Size to (3 * Index, 1, 1)

the Database.width will increase by the multiple of the Index Number

o Set the Database. X Index value---the X Index starts from 0 ie

Set Database. X index to Database.Width - 3 which the value is TextWord.Text

Set Database. X index to Database.Width - 2 which the value is TextSynonyms.Text

Set Database. X index to Database.Width - 1 which the value is TextMeaning.Text

What I mean here is that Let me give an example if the number of clicks on AddBtn is 2 this is Index number, we expect the Database.Width to be 6 (3 as database initial width *2 as index) and since the X starts at 0 so it represent as Database.(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) where each number will be able to store its own value ie

This represent when you have 3 TextBoxes

Database.0 (database initial width - 3)= TextWord.Text

Database.1 (database initial width - 2)= TextSynonyms.Text

Database.2 (database initial width - 1)= TextMeaning.Text

Database.3 (database present width - 3)= TextWord.Text

Database.4 (database present width - 2)= TextSynonyms.Text

Database.5 (database present width - 1)= TextMeaning.Text

       If you aren't understanding please don’t smoke/drink
                      alcohol just ask

o Set your global variable to “my global variable” &Index ie

Set Word to “Word” &Index------------Word reads as Word1

Set Synonyms to “Synonyms” &Index----Synonyms reads as Synonyms1

Set Meaning to “Meaning” &Index------Meaning reads as Meaning1

o Assign a Key and set a value in the webstore

Set a Local Key as Word to Database.At (database width – 3)

Set a Local Key as Synonyms to Database.At (database width – 2)

Set a Local Key as Meaning to Database.At (database width – 1)

Set a Local Key as ”x” to Index is great for assigning a unique key

o Add the TextIndex.Text representing your Index by 1

o Clear the value in your TextBox.Text

Set TextWord.Text as “”

Set TextSynonyms.Text as “”

Set TextMeaning.Text as “”


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