Bind enemies into platforms

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Hi, I'm starting in Construct 2, I created a soluction and I want share with you... but my english is not very good, so... I anticipate excuses.

Time ago, I searched about how bind the a single enemy into many platforms along the map. I don't liked what I found, so I tried something easier to me.

So, I did it:

1) create a platform;

2) create an enemy;

3) create a mask;

4) configure Event sheets.

1) The platform is a normal background. On this way, you can duplicate the backgrounds and set any size that you want. The platform must have 'Block Behavior'.

2) The enemies was configurate with a 'Bullet Behavior' and ImagePoint additional. This point will serve to hang on a mask. Another way, the enemy would leave the platform... this would continue working, but getting a little weird.

3) The mask will serve to calculate when this will out of the platform. This is the reason for all to work pretty fine. The mask will configurate this way:

Don't forget to set it to "invisible" in the properties bar and set 'Container Propertie' to the enemy.

4) Event sheet must be like this:

Therefore, every time the mask go out of the platform, it will change the direction of the two sprites, consecutively. So, you can to create many platforms and put the enemy over there without putting the blocks on the sides on all platforms like in the traditional way. How the mask is containered into the enemy, it will created in all of them along the map. Note that I did use 'Overlapping Offset' Event and set X = 0 and Y = 3 to ensure that enemies are colliding with the platform where it is.

I hope that this tutorial help you in your projects.

Especial thanks to JJlist for help me about this issue.

Thank you!



Download now 173.93 KB

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